Our History

Picture5St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized as St. Paul’s Union Evangelical Church in 1866 by people of German descent.

In 1868, a red brick church was built and dedicated on the present site. St Paul was an active German church for about 30 years but declined as younger persons preferred the English language for worship. As a result, the German church closed for several years.

In 1912 it reorganized as and English speaking Lutheran church with reverend B.F. Grenoble, D.D., as pastor. The congregation grew and after 81 years, the red brick church was replaced by the present church building, dedicated in 1950. As Sunday School attendance increased the need grew for additional space.

The educational building was built and dedicated in 1964. A Memorial Garden was first established and dedicated in 2002 on the south side of the church parsonage. In 2008 the Memorial Garden was moved adjacent to the church building and a children’s playground was built on the former garden site.

St. Paul Lutheran Church formerly belonged to the Lutheran Church of America (LCA) before joining the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).

On December 12, 2010 the congregation took its second vote to leave the ELCA and become part of the recently formed synod, North American Lutheran Church (NACL).